Injury Management Software

Record Injuries Online

Create an incident report of the injury, assign actions, risk controls and identify hazards

Mobile Apps

Apps to capture incidents as they happen in the field

Workers Compensation Forms

Save time with automatic prepopulated workers compensation forms direct from the incident report.

Return to Work Plan

Create and manage return to work plans

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Create your own or use our templates

We have a whole range of ready to go forms for injury reporting, corrective actions, hazard reports, risk controls and much more.

Or create your own! Use our form creator tool to customise the forms specific to your unique needs.

Easy for users

You'll get a dedicated portal link that is easy to distribute to users for reporting injuries online

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Automate Workers Compensation Forms

Capture information straight from the injury report that populates the specific states workers compensation form automatically.

Registry of injuries

Track employee injuries, contractors or even visitors with statistics and notifications.

Advanced Reporting

Analytics on the number of injuries reported, the type, the causes, the actions, the risks and much more.

Injury Dashboard

Live Report Status Registry of injuries as they are recorded.

Real Time Alerts

Setup automatic notifications when lost time injuries or other types occur.

Create Online Forms

Transform any paper based form into an online one using our form builder and have a registry of submitted forms online.




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